ERP Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, is a limited liability company duly incorporated in 2008 under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007, and domiciled in the democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Companies registered office is located at No.22 F, Main Street, Battaramulla. Company Registration No: PV - 66865 ERP Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, is in the field of software development since 1998. Presently ERP Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, is offering different types of Business Operation software products to a wide range of business modules across the country.
Mr. Samantha Weerasuriya, is the founder of ERP Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, and presently he is holds the Managing Directorship of ERP Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Mr. Samantha Weerasuriya is graduated from the university of Colombo and Certified Public Accountant. He was a visiting lecturer for University of Kelaniya and the Institute for Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) and appointed as a committee member of FITIS and Consulting for Central Environmental Authority , American Embassy of Sri Lanka , and Sri Lanka Institute of Distance Learning (SLIDA) By gathering over 15 years' experience and collecting more than 2000 local companies requirements we proudly offer Best solutions for Local companies.

  • Professionalism - Improve Skills, Forward thinking, Planning, and execution expand horizons.
  • Trustworthy - For Organisation clients and society.
  • Customer satisfaction - By providing satisfactory service with careering timely responsive.
  • Team Work - Making People to feel the fragrance of team effort witnessing the greater success.
  • Employee satisfaction - Work fun and achieve goals in each life.
  • Accountability - Feeling deeply ourselves to be accountable for what we promise.
  • Commitment - The ultimate success of all the clients in different magnitude.
  • Agile - Nothing standard but customisations .
  • Customers - Be a regarded customer focus Company in Sri Lanka.
  • Growth - Grow faster in emerging market and increase revenue.
  • Products - Offering a variety of software solutions to cater the need of different client perspectives.
  • Market optimisation - improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing strategy.
  • Peoples - Opportunities without boundaries those who are passionate with ever growing