MIS Customer Relation Mangement Module

Remove the barriers that separate traditional ERP and CRM systems

It automates sales workflows to benefit sales teams with improved efficiency and productivity. It automatically collects all information from prospects and turns acquired data into a customer profile, ensuring that no useful information is missed and freeing your sales team from the burden of manual data entering. It also qualifies leads in the background, which greatly helps sales teams quickly connect with high value prospects.

Aside from automation workflows, Spiro also assists sales teams in handling their customers and prospects. It features a smart assistant tool that provides notifications and reminders for important events, such as upcoming deals and due dates. The software also touts powerful reporting tools that can help users connect with more prospects and increase their monthly sales.

Features of MIS CRM

  • Lead Management
  • Help Desk – Call ticket Management
  • Event
  • Service Job Agreement Management
  • Service Job Management
  • Customer Complain Management

Forms of MIS CRM System

  • Lead
  • Call form
  • Meetings
  • Events
  • Log Notes
  • Message
  • Email
  • Quotation
  • Revised Quotations
  • Call Ticket
  • AMC- Agreements (Annual/Monthly/Daily)
  • Job Form
  • Job Cost Sheet
  • Job Card
  • Follow-up Any above Task

Track projects & clients as simply as a Follow-up list

  • Manage your pipeline from lead to post-project with ease
  • Consolidate all information and communication in one place
  • Speed up your sales process with total visibility
  • Sort, customize, and filter to suit exactly account management how you want to work

Simplify the deal workflow

  • Easily manage customer interactions with an intuitive and visual interface
  • Faster on-time communication will improve customer retention
  • Drive sales growth with improved customer relationships
  • Consolidate your customers information and documents in one place
  • Easily designed board layouts to fit your unique businesses needs