MIS Point of sales Module

Streamline processes, integrate channels and inspire customers to maximize profitability

ERP Lanka Retail Solution is a completely automated Retail Management System which has been designed to cater to any type of retail environments. Be it a Chain of Stores, Specialty Stores, Supermarkets or 24x7 Duty Free Retail Outlets. ERP Lanka Retail Solution fits all types of Retail environment. Besides the facility to customize the solution to your needs, the ERP Lanka Retail Solution is a complete solution including the front end Point of Sales (POS) Software, Shop Inventory and the back end (Procurement, Warehouse, Accounting and Replenishment). The system has successfully worked in diverse Retail set ups where System consistency, availability and robustness were critical.

ERP Lanka Retail Solution & Point of Sales (POS) Software excels in the areas of streamlined transaction entry and the ability to quickly locate information through robust reporting and lookup functions. The rich functionality and analytics deliver significant increases in productivity on the shop plus better levels of management control at head office.

Besides the Complete Retail solution, the point of sale software (POS) is also available as a standalone module and which can also be integrated with other ERPs. The software for POS integrates seamlessly with all ERPs.

Features of MIS Point of sales Module

  • Fully integrated with back-end Accounting modules like Purchase, Warehouse and Finance
  • Friendly, easy to use interface experience – Sales staff can serve customers quickly
  • Simple and Easy to Use Interface
  • Real-time Point of Sale Transaction Processing
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Automatic Update of Customer Purchase Records
  • Maintain Inventory List with Details & Pictures
  • Real-time Updating of Inventory
  • Void Invoices
  • Price Override Capability
  • Touch Screen Enable
  • Easy Transaction Editing
  • Immediate Inventory Lookup Display
  • Discount Options
  • Hold / Unhold Invoice option
  • Re-Print receipt if required
  • Goods Exchange facility
  • Change Customer Mid-Transaction
  • Change Price / Discount / Qty / Transaction
  • Sales Returns
  • Multiple Payment Processing
  • End of Day Task
  • Customer Management
  • Automatic posting to the General Ledger
  • Integrated to all the Modules


  • POS Screen


  • Cash / Bank Book Report
  • Transaction Detail report
  • Daily Sales Summary & Details
  • Daily Collection Summary & Details
  • Sales by Day
  • Stock Valuation Summary & Detail
  • Cash/Cheque/Credit Card Transaction Report
  • Credit Card Transaction by Card Type
  • Sales by Day of Week
  • Sales by Day/Item/Month
  • Customer Balance Summary & Detail Report
  • Sales by Customer Report
  • Sales by Cashier Report


  • Why we are special in point of sale system, because we are giving unlimited customizable & User friendly System, according to the customer request we modified the system,
  • Why we are special in point of sale system, because we have call center and technical center 24X7 so our clients can contact us any time anywhere our team will be appear and solve the problem within an hour time
  • Why we are special in point of sale system, because we are giving Life Time Warranty For the software so we don't charge any hidden charges for our clients.
  • Why we are special in point of sale system, because we have High Qualified Trained Staffs, so if client face any sort of problems that our staffs can solve it without any delays and also we have island wide branches so we can reach our clients early as possible
  • Backing up/Restoring facility
  • Maintenance of different shifts,
  • Complicated working rules (Daily, monthly and annual)
  • Calculation of customized over time hours
  • Multiple companies, departments and job categories
  • User definable leave types (Annual, Casual, medical, short leave etc.)
  • Over time, Late Attendance and Early Departures
  • Leave detail and summary reports
  • Integrated to payroll module