MIS Fixed Assets management Module

Improve Asset visibility, tracking and control

QuickBalanze Fixed Assets takes care of an organization's assets. Organizations possess a large amount of Fixed Assets and are required to acquire new assets and dispose of the old when the need arises. Not providing the right accounting treatment for these Fixed Assets will result in inaccurate valuation of the Fixed Assets which provides the wrong financial picture to stakeholders. It will also not deliver the management and financial teams with accurate information on the lifespan of Fixed Assets and when the requirement may arise to dispose of or acquire a new asset. This will affect the organizations operational efficiencies and have a negative financial impact with increased overheads and possible liquidity issues due to blocking cash for badly timed fixed asset acquisitions.

QuickBalanze provides an all-encompassing Fixed Asset Module which provides the organization with the capability of managing their entire range of fixed assets applying the right accounting treatment and carrying out the required Fixed Asset related transactions. The transactions relating to Fixed Assets which could be carried out include acquisitions, disposals, depreciation and revaluation. Depreciation can be calculated using either Straight Line Method or Written down Value method. A comprehensive registry of Fixed Assets is maintained in order to ensure that all Enterprise fixed assets are recorded depicting the responsible subsidiary or department within the organization for the specific asset.

Features of QuickBalanze ERP Software for Fixed Assets.

Features of MIS Fixed Assets management Module

  • Auto / Manual Asset ID creation
  • Asset Type (Fixed asset, tangible asset & movable asset)
  • Ownership Type (Own, Lease & Hire)
  • Create Fixed Assets List
  • Asset movement management
  • Support Monthly / Annual Depreciation
  • Insurance
  • Licensing
  • Vehicle Millage Tracking
  • Machine Hour Tracking
  • Disposal
  • Fixed assets Transfer
  • Facilitate Fixed Asset Revaluation
  • Depreciation Policy (Period Policy, Purchase Policy & Disposal Policy)
  • Depreciation method (Straight line method, Reducing balance method)
  • Depreciation breakdown for each asset
  • Depreciation Summary and Detailed Depreciation Report
  • Revaluation Method
  • Fixed Assets Register
  • Current book values
  • Asset Summary Report
  • Automatic generation of journal entries (If the system is linked to QBL GLB)


  • Cost Allocation Form
  • Item Depreciation
  • Group depreciation
  • Insurance
  • License
  • Services
  • Maintenance
  • Disposal
  • Revaluation
  • Assemble
  • Splits
  • Expenses
  • Fixed Asset Transfer
  • Vehicle Millage
  • Hour Tracking


  • Fixed Asset Listing
  • Fixed Assets Ledger
  • Fixed Assets Details report
  • Insurance report
  • Pending Insurance report
  • License report
  • Pending License report
  • Service report
  • Pending Service report
  • Maintenance report
  • General Expenses report
  • Vehicle Millage report
  • Machine Hours report
  • Fixed Asset ID report
  • Transfer report
  • Splits report
  • Assemble report
  • Revaluation report
  • Disposal report