MIS Fuel station Management Module

Streamline processes, integrate channels and inspire customers to maximize profitability

MIS ERP provides user-friendly, intuitive Fuel Station Management software that accelerates answers to critical questions impacting your daily productivity and overall success. QB Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, is in the field of software development since 1998. Presently QB Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, is offering different types of accounting software products to a wide range of business modules across the country

Fuel Station Management Software (FMS)

Complete solution for Retail Oil business

The Fuel Station Management Software (FMS) brand is a family of QuickBalanze solutions, developed to meet business needs of various users in filling station retail business, offering solutions that suit their specific demands. The solutions supports the entire spectrum of processes, from back offices systems (BOS) to specific internet server and beyond. With advanced data interchange solutions FMS allows easy connections to company ERP systems and partner/supplier ecosystems.

Solution for filling stations

MIS ERP - Fuel Management Software (FMS) is a Back office solution for every kind of filling station which supports multiple business models, large array of forecourt components in various part of the country.

The aim of FMS is to provide sophisticated, fault-proof system, yet simple and highly automated solution which can control or gather the data from various subsystems on Fuel Stations. Depending on configuration choice, it can serve as a Back office system for station managers.

The whole solution is built in such a way, that can be easily set-up, locally and remotely controlled, and substituted in very short time in case of malfunctioning. The whole FMS solution is completely autonomous and can work from any location with the Internet connection. Data is exchanged on predetermined intervals, to fulfill business rules and goals.

Key Features

  • Vehicle identification to ensure that your internal pumpers and bowsers dispense fuel only to authorized vehicles
  • Provide reports on individual units' (vehicle & Pump) fuel consumption and performance against benchmarks
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption by vehicles that fuel outside your fueling points
  • Employee/driver identification at the fueling point
  • Track fuel dispensing by your bowsers/pumpers
  • Provide fuel opening balances, receipts, issues and closing balances on daily basis
  • Fuel and Lubricant Daily Reconciliation
  • Auto Cash sale for cash & credit card sales from Fuel and lubricant
  • Auto Invoice for Credit Sale


    • Open GRN
    • Stock Valuation Summary & Detail
    • Sales by Item/Customer/Pumper Summary & Detail
    • Cash Sales
    • Customer Balance Summery & Details
    • Open Invoices
    • Customer Aging Summery & Detail
    • Supplier Balance Summary & Detail
    • Supplier Aging Summary & Detail
    • Unpaid Bills Purchase by Item Summary
    • Pumper Master Files
    • Pump ID Master Files
    • Fuel Reconciliation form
    • Lubricant reconciliation form
    • Auto cash for cash sale & credit card sale.