MIS Hospital and Lab Management Module

Creates totally integrated, paperless processes in a typical Healthcare Enterprise

Quick and easy patient registration, instantaneous profit and loss statement for your Hospital Management, QuickBalanze Hospital Management System offers futuristic solutions for you. It is a Software with highest quality, usability with lowest maintenance & cost. Our Hospital Management Application on secured you to track, record, retrieve, follow and also schedule every instance at your hospital.

Features of MIS Hospital and Lab Management Module

  • Patient Registration option
  • Doctors Registration option
  • Can maintain Lab testing list
  • Can maintain Surgery list
  • Doctor channeling option
  • Setup doctors channeling attendance
  • Separate billing options for channeling, pharmacy, lab testing & surgeries
  • Separate reports for the billing options
  • Can generate patient payment reports


  • Channel Booking
  • Channel Billing
  • Pharmacy Billing
  • Lab Testing Billing
  • Surgery Billing
  • Admission Billing
  • Invoice
  • Cash Invoice
  • Sales Return
  • Patient Payment


  • Patient Aging
  • Patient Balance
  • Open Invoices
  • Invoice Settlement
  • Patient Movement
  • Patient Payment Settlement
  • Channel Setup Report
  • Channel Booking Report
  • Channel Billing Report
  • Pharmacy Billing Report
  • Lab Testing Billing Report
  • Surgery Billing Report
  • Admission Billing Report