MIS Hospital and Lab Management Module

Creates totally integrated, paperless processes in a typical Healthcare Enterprise

Quick and easy patient registration, instantaneous profit and loss statement for your Hospital Management, QuickBalanze Hospital Management System offers futuristic solutions for you. It is a Software with highest quality, usability with lowest maintenance & cost. Our Hospital Management Application on secured you to track, record, retrieve, follow and also schedule every instance at your hospital.

    Registration and Enquiry Management

    QuickBalanze HMS is having a comprehensive approach to handle the front desk pressure without much effort and very effectively manages the patient registration, appointment scheduling and all enquiries related to taking an appointment, availability of specialist doctors and info on the admitted patients. This module offers a very user friendly Medical Registration form, which covers virtually all aspects of a patient, which include all personal, physical and demographic details. It also enables the records for the Insured patients.

Features of Patient registration and enquiry module

  • Captures detailed information of a patient
  • Mandatory fields for crucial patient information.
  • Alerts in place to prevent erroneous data entry.
  • Checks duplicate and junk data entry.
  • Automatically generates a unique Appointment no.
  • Enquiry assistance for Current In-patient details
  • Advanced multi-criteria search for registered patients.

Appointment & Queue Management

Appointment & Queue Management scheduling module facilitates effective scheduling of appointments of patients with the doctors. This module allows doctors and nurses to view available time slots and allocate appointments accordingly. This module prevents the system from creating an appointment if the doctor is on leave or absent or busy in the OT. The appointments are given with the date, time, department, doctor and the type of visit of the patient.

Features of the Appointment and Queue Management module

  • Set-up of Hospital Calendar capturing non-working days, day-care timings, etc.
  • Scheduling multiple services
  • Availability & Time-slot of Consulting Doctors as per day & time combinations
  • Search for Consulting Doctors as per service
  • Booking of multiple slots for patients
  • Booking of multiple appointments per slot
  • Appointment cancellation / re-scheduling
  • Precise appointment of a consultation subject to its availability
  • Type of appointment is assigned to the patient for special attention if required
  • Provision for assigning the maximum visits to a consultant.

    Pharmacy Management

    QuickBalanze HMS offers this as a well-integrated module helpful in managing drug distribution, stock management and in monitoring functions of an incorporated pharmacy outlet in a healthcare center. This module works by receiving the prescriptions from the consulting doctors that automatically reflects into dispensing unit to a respective patient which does not require any manual intervention.

Features of Pharmacy Management module

  • Provides an extensive list of drugs available.
  • Auto generates alerts when stock reached to its minimum level.
  • Provide accurate reports of consumption details.

    Operation Theatres Scheduling and Management

    Operation Room or Theater module offers an optimum usage and tracks all surgeries that can take place in the hospital. Right from scheduling the operation, managing the surgery team, recording the surgery details to checklists associated with a surgery. It manages in advance and prepares for a surgery or operation by keeping the records of all items required during the operation. It also enables an electronic consent of the patient or the relatives. It also maintains the data on preoperative and postoperative conditions of the patient.

Features of the Operation Theater module

  • Accurate scheduling of the operations with flexibility in managing bookings.
  • Comprehensive checklists for monitoring the patients.
  • Inventory and stock management of the OT.

    Inventory & Purchase Management

    The stores and inventory management helps you keep track of each and every item consumed within the healthcare organization. It keeps track of the sales and purchases taking place within the healthcare organization. The consumable as well as non-consumable items are identified and accounted for. Receiving quotations and issuing purchase orders to various vendors.

Features of stores and inventory management module.

  • Real time request of stock by the stores to the warehouse.
  • Automatic alerts when minimum stock level is reached.
  • Purchase request generation by stores.
  • Issue of purchase order by purchase department to the vendors
  • Issue of purchase order by purchase department to the vendors