MIS Accounting

General Ledger & Banking is one of the most critical module in an enterprise. It is precisely for this reason that organizations often commence their automation journey from this module. With integrated General Ledger MIS ERP gives crucial Management Reports by click of a button. It's able to process very large transaction...

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MIS CRM Management

It automates sales workflows to benefit sales teams with improved efficiency and productivity. It automatically collects all information from prospects and turns acquired data into a customer profile, ensuring that no useful information is missed and freeing your sales team from the burden of manual data entering.

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MIS Inventory Management

Managing Inventory is essential to an Organization. The Inventory Management module keeps a detailed accounting of inventory quantities, and at the same time, provides in-depth cost and sales information to help you make purchasing and pricing decisions. Over stocking will lead to excess storage requirements and additional...

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MIS Online Payroll

MIS ERP Payroll Application developed by ERP LANKA (PVT) LTD. The said application can be provided as a desktop version or as a cloud version on the request of the client. Our goal is to provide efficient and accurate Payroll and Time Attendance Solutions for Small and Medium Scale Enterprise..

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Streamline processes, integrate channels and inspire customers to maximize profitability MIS ERP Retail Solution is a complete solution including the front end Point of Sales(POS) , Shop Inventory and the back end (Procurement, Warehouse, Accounting and Replenishment)..

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MIS Fuel Management

The Fuel Station Management Software (FMS) brand is a family of MIS ERP solutions, developed to meet business needs of various users in filling station retail business, offering solutions that suit their specific demands. The solutions supports the entire spectrum of processes, from back offices etc....

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MIS Loan Management

Loan and lending is a profitable business in current economic environment. Lenders must need Microfinance software to track information such as due installments, payment collection, current balances, interest and penalty calculation etc. The customizable and flexible nature of our Microfinance etc..

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MIS Production & Job Costing

Controlling Estimates (BOM/BOQ) against actual usage is never easy. Without proper control you may not know where jobs are heading to. With MiS ERP we give comprehensive tools to control Estimates with Actuals for Materials, Labour and Overhead which will help to take preventive measures.

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MIS Fixed Assets

QuickBalanze Fixed Assets takes care of an organization's assets. Organizations possess a large amount of Fixed Assets and are required to acquire new assets and dispose of the old when the need arises. Not providing the right accounting treatment for these Fixed Assets will result in inaccurate valuation of the Fixed Assets which provides the wrong financial picture to stakeholders...

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MIS Hospital

Quick and easy patient registration, instantaneous profit and loss statement for your Hospital Management, QuickBalanze Hospital Management System offers futuristic solutions for you. It is a Software with highest quality, usability with lowest maintenance & cost.Our Hospital Management Application on secured you to track, record,retrieve, follow ...

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MIS Student

QuickBalanze SMS is an advanced web based Student management system offering high flexibility and an abundance of features to collaboratively create quality education system. Its main feature is to provide seamless networked Institute and a paperless administration. QuickBalanze SMS is the best solution for the centralized management of academic ...

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 User Friendly

MIS ERP Solutions is designed for Small Businesses and individuals to manage their accounts and inventory without any prior accounting knowledge. The User interface is extremely easy and does not require any training or expert accountant to run the software.

 Anywhere, Anytime

You can work on MIS ERP Solutions from your office, home or while you are on the road or travelling. All you need is a device with internet connection to securely log-in to MIS ERP Solutions and start working.

  •  Multi User Capabilities
  • MIS ERP Solutions ensure that your data is safe and secure by frequently taking data backups on secure server. This ensures we always have a backup copy of your data on our servers.

  •  Data Safety
  • MIS ERP Solutions allows you to set different access levels for different users. This prevents user's access to the data they shouldn't be seeing. You can also create a special user for your accountant for year end auditing and closing the year.

  •  Hassle free deployment and Maintenance
  • With MIS ERP Solutions , multiple users can access the solution and process the transactions from any location with internet access. This enables your employees to collaborate easily with each other.

     Access Control

    With MIS ERP Solutions your data is extremely secure and safe. We keep your data on our secure servers rather than on your computer or device. This eliminates any risk of you losing your financial data in the event your device is damaged, lost or falls into the hands of any un-authorised person.