Your Business run on the decisions you take on right time. MIS SAM provide facilities to enter your business transaction and link them with Debtor Ledger, Creditor, Ledger Stock Ledger, General Ledger & Banking and it will directly link To Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and profit and loss accounts with debtors and creditors Balance...

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When your Business Grow up you need to enhance your business Operations need to assign Allocate approvals for each transactions. Assign permission to certain persons. maintain limitation for critical business process by Controls. Interrelation with additional modules and MIS ERP gives crucial Management Reports by click of a button...

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It is very important clients for business, keep continuous connections, Support clients on call and manage customer relation history for better supports. New leads automates sales workflows to benefit your sales team. Its ensuring that no useful information is missed and freeing your sales team from the burden of manual data entering...

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Inventory is essential for your Organization. Manage Multi Location Stocks, Multi unit of measures, Batch Number with Expiry Date, Serial Number with Warranty period, BIN tracking, Reorder level management with Multi wherehouse, Items Extractions and assembles and many more Options for your Valued Organization...

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This application provide facilities to manage your employees from recruitments to resignation. Manage all staff additions and deductions with slip transfer facilities. Employee can apply leave through their android app and approved leave by departments head from anywhere and many more facilities for employees and management

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When you are out of your shop this application will support to you manage view daily sales at your shop. It will help you to view information from the web and take actions to provide uninterrupted service to your clients by providing goods without delay and keep up your cash balance reconciliation and many more facilities...

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You can manage all your fuel station process by this software. This will help you to take information by click, fuel vise sales details, pumper vise sales details pump vise sales Qty fuel reconciliation. Your customer vise credit sales details you can manage with the system. The solutions supports the entire spectrum of processes, from back offices etc...

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Loan and lending is a profitable business in current economic environment. Lenders must need Microfinance software to track information such as due installments, payment collection, current balances, interest and penalty calculation etc. The customizable and flexible nature of our Microfinance etc...

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Production and job costing is very important for Manufacturing organizations. Prepare Estimates of BOM and trace Each production Process with Wastage and WIP tracking, JOB and Batch costing are important for pricing. Quality Assurance of each batch is impotent for Quality product. staff and asset allocations are crucial part of production process...

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Fixed Assets takes care of an organization smooth running. Maintain of your own Fixed Assets and when required to acquire new assets and dispose of the old when required this will help you. Service Licensing, Service and Insurance of your fixed assets and depreciation disposal and revaluation of your assets and many more...

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Register your patient and service provide by hospital Lab reporting and testing charges, Instruments managements can be handle easily Queue management appointments management you can handle without delay. Call and sms management for doctors delay and special seasonal offers for testing drags...

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We offer high flexibility of student managements process with exam management. Teachers allocation Grade allocation Subject allocation. Family detail managements with students studies at same school. Sports and external Activities management and keep in touch with parents teaches students and Managements...

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Your hotel need to keep in good connection with your guests. Provide remarkable service to your guests will motivate to visit your hotel again and again. Room allocations event managements pub and restaurants works are very important for customer satisfaction. We always dedicated provide IT infrastructure for satisfy your guest service...

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Pharmaceutical Industry based on their Products. Products has Batch Numbers and each batch numbers has expiry dates. It is very important to manage sales reps with SBU. Invoice required to show some impotent information like selling price discount and net price. MIS PMM provide all these facilities for smooth running of your Business...


Consolidation Accounts Module support for Group of companies to manage their Subsidiaries transaction managements and reporting. MIS CAM gives crucial Management Reports by click of a button. It will useful to create reports and provide information for your important decision making to grow up your business entities...


Attaractive more clients with your Products and offer them re payable paymements schedule. Coordinate with your clients and motivate them to pay on time by remind them. Check easy payments schedule and assign reminders to collection division. Update payments by collectors at clients place and view profit and loss accounts with debtors...


 User Friendly

MIS ERP Solutions is designed for Small Businesses and individuals to manage their accounts and inventory without any prior accounting knowledge. The User interface is extremely easy and does not require any training or expert accountant to run the software.

 Anywhere, Anytime

You can work on MIS ERP Solutions from your office, home or while you are on the road or travelling. All you need is a device with internet connection to securely log-in to MIS ERP Solutions and start working.

  •  Multi User Capabilities
  • MIS ERP Solutions ensure that your data is safe and secure by frequently taking data backups on secure server. This ensures we always have a backup copy of your data on our servers.

  •  Data Safety
  • MIS ERP Solutions allows you to set different access levels for different users. This prevents user's access to the data they shouldn't be seeing. You can also create a special user for your accountant for year end auditing and closing the year.

  •  Hassle free deployment and Maintenance
  • With MIS ERP Solutions , multiple users can access the solution and process the transactions from any location with internet access. This enables your employees to collaborate easily with each other.

     Access Control

    With MIS ERP Solutions your data is extremely secure and safe. We keep your data on our secure servers rather than on your computer or device. This eliminates any risk of you losing your financial data in the event your device is damaged, lost or falls into the hands of any un-authorised person.